New release! Unknown Shores (João Pedro Viegas, Luiz Rocha, Silvia Corda, Adriano Orrù). An Amirani records release.
(April 2019)

New release! Clairvoyance’s first album (Gianni Mimmo, Silvia Corda, Adriano Orrù). An Amirani records release.
(September 2018)

Daniel Barbiero’s “2017 best list” on Perfect Sound Forever – there is also Istinti Ragionati by Marco Colonna, Silvia Corda, Adriano Orrù.
(February 2018) 

New Release! “With An Oblique Glance” second album of A Sphere Of Simple Green. An Azoth release! 
(October 2017)

Variety of Rhythm is out now as a physical CD through Boogie Post Recordings!
(September 2017)

New York pianist Phyllis Chen will play Silvia Corda’s “Tre Ritratti del Tempo” for Toy Piano on next 9 September during the Festival “Gaudeamus Muziekweek” in Utrecht. 
(July 2017)

I am very proud and happy to announce the premiere of a new piece that the german composer Frank Zabel kindly dedicated to me and Sandra Giura Longo, “Fragmented Poetry” for piccolo flute and toy piano. See the calendar page for more details. (June 28th 2017)

New release! “For Massas” Joao Pedro Viegas, Guy-Frank Pellerin, Silvia Corda, Adriano Orru. A Pan y Rosas production. See album page. (May 2017)

Daniel Barbiero had kind words for the project “Traces”. Please have a look at Percorsi Musicali to read this interesting article.
(March 2017)

New release! “Istinti Ragionati” Marco Colonna – clarinets, Silvia Corda – piano, Adriano Orrù – bass. Buy it!
(February 2017)

Quasar” by Variable Geometry Orchestra is out now! Have a look at the Album page!
(April 2016)

New release! Live at Palazzo Viceregio is out now! Stefan Schmidt (guitar), Silvia Corda (toy piano), Adriano Orru (double bass). Check it out!
(April 1st, 2016)

Daniel Barbiero’s favorite albums from 2015 on “Perfect Sound Forever“. There’s also our Palimpsest Trio!
(February 1st, 2016)

If you have 43 mins, 38 secs and a sound system/headphones, please feel free to visit http://varietyof.com/ . It is about rhythm and process and it is out now! Thanks!
(January 30, 2016)

New release!! Stanze is out now! Palimpsest trio: Paulo Chagas – wind instruments; Silvia Corda – piano; Adriano Orru – bass. Released through Pan y Rosas Discos. See the album page.
(December 2015)

My piece for toy piano ” Nel succedersi degli istanti” was chosen for Risuonanze 2015 Call for Scores. The piece will be performed on 1st June during “Risuonanze 2015 – incontri di nuove musiche” by the pianist Antonietta Loffredo in Monfalcone (GO).
(April/May 2015)

Top Jazz is a yearly referendum announced by the magazine Musica Jazz. Silvia Corda is present in three of the 2014 ranks: Best Musician; Best Album (Adriano Orru’s Palimpsest); Best Group (Geometrie Variabili). (January 2015)

“Baryshnikov Arts Center (BAC) presents accomplished composer and musician Phyllis Chen performing a program featuring the world premiere of her composition, Lighting The Dark, on December 10, Wednesday at 8PM at the Baryshnikov Arts Center’s Jerome Robbins Theater. The evening also includes Chen performing music by William Byrd / John Dowland, Silvia Corda, and Alvin Lucier-all composers who influenced her new work.” (from broadwayworld.com)
Phyllis will perform my composition “Tre Ritratti del Tempo” for Toy Piano and Dulcimer. (November 2014)

New release! “Back to Bech – un pianoforte per la civica” featuring Silvia Corda in the 3rd and 9th tracks. See album page. (November 2014)

A new video: “La Diversa Fabbrica” by Maurizio Corda. Music composed and performed by me on the prepared and toy piano. See video page.
(August 2014)

My piece for toy piano ” Quattro pensieri per il nuovo anno” was chosen for Risuonanze 2014 Call for Scores. The piece will be performed during “Risuonanze 2014 – incontri di nuove musiche” in Monfalcone on June 2nd.
(April 2014)

New release! “Palimpsest” by Adriano Orru featuring Silvia on track 2; 4 and 6. A Pan y Rosas production. See album page. (March 2014)

I am very glad to announce that my piece “The Root of the Wind” for toy piano was chosen for one of the Composer’s Voice concert series “Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: Mark Robson, piano & toy piano”. The piece will be premiered by Mark Robson on April 6, 2014 at the Brand Library & Arts Center, 1601 W. Mountain Street, Glendale, California. (March 2014)

On March 5th 2014 my friend Aki Kuroda will play my composition “Tre ritratti del tempo” at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Tokyo. Aki is a great pianist and I am so glad she has chosen my piece.

Mauro Sambo’s Project 6’27” is online now featuring Silvia Corda in one of the tracks. Check it out. (January 2014)

Phyllis Chen wrote this post on the UnCaged Toy Piano Blog. Her kind words about my piece gave me a great thrill!

 I’m very happy and excited to announce that my composition “Tre ritratti del tempo” for toy piano and toy dulcimer is runner-up (2nd place) for 2013’s UnCaged Toy Piano call for scores. Thanks to the judges for their appreciation for my piece. The piece will be played by the great Phyllis Chen next december at the UCTP in NYC. Thank you so much Phyllis! (October 2013)


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